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#117 Broken Social Scene – Deathcock

Broken Social Scene – Deathcock

‘Deathcock’ is the first song from the rarities disc of “Arts & Crafts: 2003-2013,” the 10th anniversary retrospective deluxe album.

The song was recorded during the “You Forgot It In The People” sessions and originally released in 2004 as a limited edition bonus CD given away with online pre-orders of “Beehives.”

‘Deathcock’ was the first-ever collaboration between Broken Social Scene and longtime producer Dave Newfeld. Of the song, BSS says:

“Deathcock, originally titled Mourir, was the first recording we did together as a band with David Newfeld. Dave was making a record called Pet Songs and asked if we’d contribute to his project. It was Justin Peroff who initially brought us together as he felt Dave and BSS would be a great collaboration. The song was written and recorded in one day with at least 10 BSS members present and in town for the session. It was after this session we knew we had to work with Dave. The sounds that he got, the vibe he created at this studio, and his understanding of the band all pointed to YES…”

CD/LP pre-order: bit.ly/AC313
Digital pre-order: itunes.com/AC10


*gue dong dah pre-order lama…tinggal nunggu sekitar 6 hari lagi nih…nunggu panggilan dari iTunes buat download! 🙂


#121 @thedyingsirens at @postkartraveler! #366Tulisan2012


Setelah sekian lama akhirnya band mitos thedyingsirens akan bermain lagi 🙂

kali ini di acara

“POSTKARTRAVELER, Traveling Exhibition Project by Novi  Kresna Murti

Korean Cultural Center

Equity Tower, 17th Floor

Jakarta, 23 July – 4 August 2012

Opening Reception, 28 July 2012, 04.00 PM


Eka Annash feat Bird Man Eating Club.

Sampai berjumpa tgl 28 Juli ya…kita ngabuburit bareng!

thedyingsirens akan bermain sekitar 1 jam loh..kesempatan langka hehehe…

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Ce ya! 🙂