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#114 Can’t Wait!!!! :) #366Tulisan2012

Harus Punya!!!

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Deluxe Physical Album Contents:
     –         Original Album Remastered & Reissued For The First Time
–         17 Previously Unreleased or Alternate Versions of Pisces Era Songs
–         24 Previously Unreleased Live Performances (Pulse Basement Jam, 1988) (DVD logo)
–         First Ever SP Demo Reproduced on Cassette
–         Postcards, Watercolor Illustrations, Lyrics, Photos
–         Liner Notes by David Wild and Track-by-Track Annotations by Billy Corgan

Deluxe Digital Contents:
–         Original Album Remastered
–         17 Previously Unreleased or Alternate Versions of Pisces Era Songs

Standard Physical, Digital and 180G Vinyl
–         Original Album Remastered & Reissued For The First Time
–         Includes: Starla, Landslide & La Dolly Vita

[CD 1] (Deluxe Physical/Digital, Standard Physical/Digital, Vinyl)

1. Soothe
2. Frail And Bedazzled
3. Plume
4. Whir
5. Blew Away
6. Pissant
7. Hello Kitty Kat
8. Obscured
9. Landslide
10. Starla
11. Blue
12. Girl Named Sandoz
13. La Dolly Vita
14. Spaced

[CD 2] (Deluxe Physical/Digital only)

1. By June (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 mix)
2. My Dahlia (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix)
3. Jesus Loves His Babies (Gish Sessions rough mix)
4. Cinnamon Girl (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix)
5. Glynis (2012 Mix)
6. Crawl (Gish Sessions outtake)
7. Cinder Open (Eddy St. demo/2012 mix)
8. Blissed (Sadlands demo/2012 Mix)
9. Slunk (Live)
10. Jackie Blue
11. Venus In Furs (Live)
12. Translucent (Sadlands demo/2012 mix)
13. French Movie Theme (Siamese Sessions outtake)
14. Purr Snickety (Gish b-sides session outtake)
15. There It Goes (demo/2012 mix)
16. Vanilla (Ignoffo Sessions)
17. Why Am I So Tired (Live in studio demo)

[DVD ] (Deluxe Physical Only)

Pulse Basement Jam ( 11/19/1988 – Pulse Cable Access – Lou Hinkhouse)

Introduction by Lou Hinkhouse

1. There It Goes
2. She (Inc.)
3. She
4. Under Your Spell
5. My Eternity (Inc.)
6. My Eternity (Inc.)
7. My Eternity (Inc.)
8. My Eternity
9. Bleed
10. Nothing and Everything
11. Jennifer Ever (Inc.)
12. Jennifer Ever (Inc.)
13. Jennifer Ever (Inc.)
14. Jennifer Ever (Inc.)
15. Jennifer Ever
16. Death of a Mind
17. Spiteface

Bonus Performaces
1. Blue (10/22/1991 – Atomic Records – Milwaukee, WI)
2. Offer Up  (6/9/1992 – The Unicorn – Milwaukee, WI)
3. The Joker  (6/10/1992 – The Unicorn – Milwaukee, WI)
4. Slunk  (6/10/1992 – The Unicorn – Milwaukee, WI)
5. Dancing in the Moonlight (7/4/1993 – Raymond Revue Bar – London, UK)
6. Snap (8/11/1989 – Avalon – Chicago, IL)
7. Hello Kitty Kat (8/21/1994 – Starplex Amphitheater – Dallas, TX – 2nd stage
Lollapalooza performance)

DEMO CASSETTE(Deluxe Physical Only)

1. Jennifer Ever
2. East
3. Nothing And Everything

1. Sun (remix)
2. She (live)
3. Spiteface

THE SMASHING PUMPKINS have created one of the most acclaimed bodies of work in musical history having sold more than 30 million albums, and won multiple Grammy Awards in the process.  Formed in Chicago in 1988, they released Gish, their influential and platinum debut in 1991, which was followed by albums including the nine-time platinum Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness and the four-time platinum Siamese Dream, as well as the platinum certified 1998 album Adore.   The pivotal group’s many hits defined the alternative music era and continue to resonate on modern rock radio, influencing a whole new generation.   The PUMPKINS returned in 2007 with their acclaimed sixth album Zeitgeist.  They have since remained on the cutting edge of music and technology with various online releases. In June 2012, the band released the album OCEANIA, viaMartha’s Music/EMI Label Services/Caroline Distribution. Marking THE SMASHING PUMPKINS’7thstudio record, it is “an album within an album,” part of their 44-song work-in-progress TEARGARDEN BY KALEIDYSCOPE.



#14 My Starla Is Back! #366Tulisan2012


Hari ini nyepedah pakai Starla lagiii!!!!

Enak juga dah lama gak pake seli hehehe

Buat yg belum tau, Starla ini adalah sepeda seli saya yg pertama. bermerek Dahon type Mu8. Darimana saya kasih nama Starla? Dari salah satu judul lagunya Smashing Pumpkins, Continue reading #14 My Starla Is Back! #366Tulisan2012

#136 Bersepedah di Bulan Puasa #365Tulisan2011

Udah pernah nyoba bersepedah di bulan puasa?

gue udah 3 kali sama ini malem.

Full bersepeda? oh tentu tidak! 🙂

yang pertama kali lupa hari apa…minta anterin Reniy & Najma ke kantor. Karena federal ban belum diganti, akhirnya pakai  Starla.

sepeda kok dimasukin mobil bukannya digowes

Sampe kantor males dibuka, akhirnya Starla ditaro aja ngejoprak di receptionist.

siap dikirim #eh

Continue reading #136 Bersepedah di Bulan Puasa #365Tulisan2011