pagi2x udah belah duren…

“pagi2x udah belah duren,
nanti malam, ada thedyingsirens!”


“If you’re out there and you’re considering a career in music, you’ve got
to do it in front of your mates first – make a fool of yourself in
front of your friends. Don’t fear the peer pressure. That’s the beauty. Your first concerts in front of your friends are the most difficult, and I think those are the gigs that you draw off for the rest of your life and that initial breaking of your chains. You’re
breaking your chains of your peers, your school, your college, your town,
your region, your country. You’re just letting it go and that’s how it
all starts, but those same fears, those same insecurities always come
back, but I think you can always draw on that.”


Dengarkan  penampilan dan interview Live thedyingsirens
di RIOT onAir @ Prambors 102.2FM Jakarta ,dan di 7 kota lainnya  besok!
jam 7 malam, bersama Belladonna dan Speedkill!!

segera putar frekwensi radio anda besok malam  jam 7 ke gelombang radio Prambors, dan dengarkan thedyingsirens…

see you at thenextdyingsirens gigs!

thedyingsirensmanag ement

satriaramadhan – +62 818 496 654
Jl.Bumi no.17 Mayestik Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia

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