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#173 ByeBye #366Tulisan2012


And I try not to fall
’cause it wasn’t my fault
and everybody’s agreed
but I think you just couldn’t see
You Said Hi and I Said Bye
Just go away and fly
ByeBye ByeBye
You’re always makes me sinking
’cause you’re talking without thinking
You Said Hi and I Said Bye
Just go away and fly
ByeBye ByeBye

I can’t remember when was the excat time I wrote this song, maybe in 2005 or 2006.  I wrote this when thedyingsirens transform from one man band into a real band.

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While all of the songs in thedyingsirens’ previous album “Sketches of a Humming” was about me, this song was not.

It’s about you 🙂

ByeBye (Music & Lyric: Pugar Restu Julian)
Drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals: Pugar Restu Julian 
Strings: Ramondo Gascaro
Strings Arrangements: Yudhi Arfani
Slide guitar: Hideki Taro
Backing vocals: Pugar Restu Julian, Mian Meuthia, Ramondo Gascaro

#172 Finally #366Tulisan2012

Yesterday afternoon Vanco (LULL‘s guitarist and my sound engineer for thedyingsirens) came to Sampak Tiring and gave me thedyingsirens’ data. The data contains of 6 new songs and couples of new guide songs that i haven’t able to finished yet (since it was recorded in 2007!). Actually i have more than 12 songs at that time back in 2007. I have recorded the drums part and the bass part, and then Vanco accidentally erased them (nangis di dalem rok Asmirandah).

Then I tried to recorded my songs again.  Still with Vanco as my sound engineer, different studio. The recording studio that I used was Black Studio in Panglima Polim. Some of you may know the studio as Zeke‘s House. and since I used to be an additional drummer for SORE at that time, I asked Mondo (vocalist/keyboardist of SORE) to help me produced thedyingsirens’ next album. and he said,“Sure…this is going to be my first time being a music producer for another project than SORE! Let’s do it!”. 

Whoa!  And I think after i heard the answer I can’t stop smiling that day!

Instead of giving Mondo my demo first, I straight to recorded the guide for vocal & guitar and then the drums in the studio. Then I recorder the bass, and guitar (electric & acoustic), and vocals, then Mondo will do the piano/synths/keyboards parts with his magic fingers.

What makes the recording sessions more exciting was, Mian Meuthia (Mumuy) proposed to me that she wanted to make contributions in thedyingsirens. WOW! it’s like an orgasm! although after that I realized that her voice is more more more better than me, because she’s a real singer…while I am….well…I am me hehehe. and Mumuy also helped thedyingsirens on stage, along with Mondo on keyboards.

(l to r: Mondo, Uta, Mumuy, Uga, Devi, Deki)

Mondo and Mumuy showed me the way that I couldn’t think of about my songs, the options if I do this, or if I do that, how to make a vocal layer, etc. It was a great experience having them in my recording session! 🙂

But that’s not all, Anda Perdana (Bunga, Anda with the Joints, Mata Jiwa) also helped me in this recording session. He gave his midas touch in my 4 songs; The Falls of the Idiot, Philopobia, The Rain Song & Our Times Our Feelings (while I was record the rhytim part).  He never heard the songs before, just took my guitars and go wild! And the result was amazing!

Ade Paloh from SORE also made the lyrics for Philophobia, while I made the music. Such a great honor to works with great people!

6 songs are ready.

What should I do with that? 😛